Composition “The Importance of Radio in our lives”

The Importance of Radio in our lives


our life is meaningless without media like radio. We live in the age of information. So, a strong medium like radio is very

important in our practical life. Human life can not survive without entertainment. Radio serves as entertainment in our life.

A radio broadcasts various sort of programs. The recreational programme is one of them. We want to know the current

news of home and abroad. It is possible to know about the world message sittin home if we have a radio. It broadcasts

news programmes and different types of programmes. Every day’s weather news is broadcasted on the radio. Education

is essential for the development of a nation. There are not sufficient schools and colleges in our country. Radio is helpful

to spread the light of knowledge by broadcasting educational programmes. Both children and adults can get education

from rado. All are interested in sports massage. Radio broadcasts sports commentary, Radio is a favourite companion of a

man in the rural area. People in the rural area get much recreation from the radio. They feel proud if they have a radio.

There are many kinds of programmes in the radio. They feel proud if they have a radio. My favourite programme on the

radio is the culture programme. Therefore, it is seen that all sorts o people are benefited from radio. It is part and parcel

in our daily life.

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