Good Manners

Good manners

Good manners mean to behave well with others. It is a quality that makes a man respectable to all. If we want to lead a peaceful life, this virtue is needed. A man having this virtue behaves well with all. Good manners are the most valuable and powerful element of success in life. In the absence of if there would be cause and confusion in society. So it is necessary for all spheres of our life. It is the key to success in life. If we make a list of successful persons who have acquired a high degree of proficiency in their respective vocations, we will find that their success depends mainly upon this great virtue. Though good manners is a mental faculty and an invisible quality, its effect is greatly felt. It is more valuable than money. It is to be prized on its own account. It brings great rewards for human life. It dignifies every station and builds up every person and advances every society. Without it, no man can earn respect. without it, a man can not accomplish anything great or glorious in life. Therefore everybody should have it at any cost and the earlier the better because habit formed in childhood bears its fruits in the long run.

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